Busselton Bandits Continue to dominate the South West Junior golf scene!


Different course, same result! The South West Junior Golf League participants now know who they have to beat if they want to be the best in the west!

Over 60 kids, in teams of 6 players from Dunsborough, Busselton, Capel, Harvey, Donnybrook and Bunbury battled it out in an Ambrose two’s format. Busselton youngsters, Josh, Bailey, Gracie, Jacob, Chloe and Kai came up with two wins and a loss in the 3 nine-hole matches played this time at the Donnybrook Country Club.

The next round will be at Capel on the 19th of November.

We would love to build our numbers to nominate more teams in the future. Any kids interested in joining in should contact our team of PGA professional coaches (Jemma, Kate, and Correy) on 9753-1950 or golfshop@busseltongolfclub.com.au.

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